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I am Erik May, a versatile creative producer, director and service producer based in Munich & Bad Tölz, Germany.

With years of experience in the industry, I offer a wide range of production services to production companies, agencies and brands.


My passion lies in commercial TVC production, social media content creation, music licensing, -consulting & -production.

Together with my extensive network of experts we provide whole film crews, technical support and location scouting as well as creative support from storyboard to film.

My journey began in the music and entertainment industry, where I spent over 25 years running labels, creating and producing music videos for international DJs and artists. This led me to explore advertising- and commercial- film production, where I incorporated my experience and vibe to create brand and product clips.

My expertise lies in advertising for sustainable skin care & cosmetics brands and automotive productions where I strive to deliver exceptional and innovative content for my clients.

In the past, I have been responsible for the release of international hit records at Kosmo Records and Great Stuff Recordings, primarily within the electronic/dance music, Hip Hop and Reggae genres.

This expertise allows me to add music licensing, consulting and production to my services, that can help you find the perfect sound to accompany your commercial content.

If you're curious to get to know more about me and my work, feel free to explore my website and get in touch.


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